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Vice Design - Custom Paint For Goalies

Allen Schneider

Owner and Operator - The Ohio State University - 2013

Allen has an extensive background in graphic arts and custom paint, he is the painter for Vice Design and oversees's operations.


Corbin Gold

Senior Graphic Artist - The Ohio State University - 2015

Corbin is a graphic designer with nine years of experience.  He works with clients to create a custom mask design based off of each client's specifications and ideas.  He also oversees website content and editing.


Joseph P. O'Donnell - CPA

Chief Financial Officer - Cleveland State University - 1987

Finacial Advisor


Lisa Schneider

Shipping and Receiving - The Ohio State University 2014

Lisa works part time with Vice Design as a client liaison, handling day-to-day shipping and receiving.  She is currently working towards her master's degree in nursing administration.


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